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**EXTRAS** Hot Tub by Lay-Z-Spa

Glamping In Wales Trem-Y-Fro Glamping

**EXTRAS** Hot Tub by Lay-Z-Spa

Further relax in the evenings by Booking one of our fully operational, cleaned and serviced Hot Tubs.

Introducing the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas AirJet

For your comfort and privacy the Hot Tub is situated on your Glamping Pitch, it is not communal. So as soon as you decide which dates you wish to come Glamping with us, be sure to book the same days for your Hot Tub. The Price will be calculated and combined with your Glamping fee at Checkout.
The Hot Tub keeps a constant temperature 24hrs per day, as warm as 40 degrees! So it can be used anytime by you and your Glamping party between the Glamping Spa hours of 8am and 9pm. Due to the light but noticeable motor pump noise, we ask that Hot Tubs are not used after 10pm out of courtesy to other Glampers.
Your Glamping Staff will check the water purity and chemical levels daily and if necessary top up to maintain quality and safety. However it is your responsibility to ensure the water level never falls below the manufacturer’s minimum safety water level mark as printed on the inside of the Hot Tub. This is because water is lost as you climb in and out of the Hot Tub during use.
A bucket is provided so you can just add cold water from the stancion pipe straight in to it. Your chosen temperature, even 40 degrees will be reached within 30 minutes of last use. These are great fun and a great way to relax in the evening with an amazing view and well worth the small additional investment. Book straight-away to avoid disappointment.

Comfortably Fits 4-6 PeopleThe Lay-Z-Spa Vegas AirJet is one of our most popular models and comfortably seats 4-6 people, making it perfect for families. Channel those relaxing holiday vibes in style, with this spacious circular spa.


87 AirJets™ Massage SystemRelax in a soothing AirJet™ Massage System; a rejuvenating massage system with 87 all-surrounding air jets that encircle the perimeter of the floor. It’s never been easier to forget the world and relax.


40°C Rapid Heating SystemThe pump contains a rapid heating system that heats the water up to 40°C. With our latest integrated technology you can heat the hot tub, run the massage system and filter the water using just the pump.


Energy Saving TimerThe energy saving timer not only saves energy when the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas AirJet when isn’t in use, but it also allows you to schedule when you want the hot tub to start heating up so it’s ready when you are.


Advanced Safety FeaturesThe Ground Fault Detection System constantly monitors for a safely earthed power supply. Combined with the Portable Residual-Current Device (RCD) for double-layered protection, you’ll enjoy total peace of mind.
Should any Glamper be caught using their own Hot Tub without Booking and Paying in advance, be caught using an unoccupied Glamping Pitch Hot Tub or an occupied Pitch whether paid or unpaid or if already booked and paid for by that Glamper, without their express permission to use, the full prevailing Daily hire rate will be charged against the offender PLUS an additonal charge of £100 for each day of non-authorised use and misuse.
This charge will be debited against the Credit or Debit card used at the time of Booking.
If you wish to ‘Add On’ Hot Tub rental at the time of arrival please contact the Glamping Office immediately. However do not uncover, use or touch the Hot Tub until contact is made as your Hot Tub will not have been prepared for use.

Prices start at: £20 per night


  • Maximum Occupancy: 4
  • Size: 4m²


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